looking for lovely

There is a book called “Looking for Lovely” by Annie F. Downs. And I haven’t gotten very far, but I am loving it. It is making me reevaluate the way I see myself and it is causing me to question everything. It’s good and I love the fact that I’m reading through it with about 10 other ladies.

If you don’t believe that the way you are is God-made and God-loved, the good and the bad, the tight and the flabby, the old and the new, the strengths and the weaknesses, you are missing out on connecting with God on a level that only comes to those who embrace and love His creations. (And that includes you.)

You’re different. Whether you call yourself that or you tend to believe you can just fade into the background, you are different. You are unique. You are the only you there is. God did that on purpose. There are people who see you and see your life and because of the ways you remind them of God, they see Him too. But they see Him differently because of you than they do because of me. It doesn’t add pressure for us to be perfect (because I am not), but it just reminds me that I’m put together differently from you. And that’s okay. And that’s good. (pages 43-44)

Here is a little challenge from her book. I haven’t done it yet, but I will later this week.

Set your alarm tomorrow to see the sunrise. Don’t tell me you don’t know when it happens because one Google search will tell you the exact minute. (Oh, technology, we love you.) About twenty minutes before the sun is to rise, get in a place where you can see the eastern sky. That way you see how dark it is before dawn. You know it in your heat. If your life feels so dark that sometimes you have no idea where the light is going to come from, go there early and watch the sunrise.

And afterwards? Read Psalm 19. You’ll thank me later.

That’s my mission before school starts up next Monday. I’m going to go and watch the sunrise.

Just remember. God made you with a purpose. And when your life feels so dark that you can’t see it, go watch the sunrise and spend time with Him. The sun has to set and the sky has to get dark in order for the sun to rise in all its glory.