all glory be to christ

Should nothing of our efforts stand
No legacy survive
Unless the Lord does raise the house
In vain its builders strive

To you who boast tomorrow’s gain
Tell me, what is your life?
A mist that vanishes at dawn
All glory be to Christ!

This is an excerpt from “All Glory be to Christ.” I prefer the version by Sovereign Grace Music, but King’s Kaleidoscope does it well too.

Anyways, I just really like thinking about these words. They are kind of depressing, in a sense. Like what if nothing lasts? What if we die and everything we build doesn’t last? But did you catch the problem with that… the focus is on us. What if WE die and everything WE build doesn’t last. It should focus on Christ, hence the “unless” in the third line. It doesn’t have to all fade away. If God raises what we are striving at, if God is present in our efforts, then we won’t be working in vain.

We are like a mist, and one day we will be gone. Whatever we did for Christ with eternity in mind will last. Nothing else will last.

I lead a Bible study, and we did a 4-week session on busyness. One thing we talked about is that 50 years from now whether we had an B or a B+ in a class won’t matter as much as taking some time to pray for people and care for people. But what about 2000 years from now? We all will be long dead. No one will even care if we graduated with honors or not. No one will care what our GPA was. But if we listened to God and planted a seed that led one person to Christ, that won’t be just important in 2000 years – that will be important for eternity! So to those college students who are obsessed with grades – study hard! but if someone needs you to listen at 2 am, then listen. Who knows, maybe that conversation will save a life.

Just something to think about. What are you doing this week? Where is your focus? Is your focus on something that matters?

live with no regrets

My grandma died in June 2015, and it hasn’t been an easy journey since. But every difficult day is a reminder of one thing: I can’t change the past. I have a lot of regrets, and I could have prevented at least some of them. But I can’t change that now. I need to learn and move on – but that is much harder said than done.

There is a very likely possibility that she may have died intentionally because of the decision to skip medications she needed. In looking back, I see other signs that seems to make this very likely possibility even more probable. This is the source of many regrets, and I am learning that I cannot blame myself for what I did not realize was happening. The questions that I ask myself are: what if I said “I love you” more often, and should I have prayed for her more, and what else could I have done differently.

With my grandpa, who died about two years before my grandma, I ended every visit with “I love you” and made sure I meant those words in my heart, so that I would not regret the last thing I spoke to him. Looking back, I can say that the last words I ever told him were “I love you.” I started this less than a year before his passing, when it was becoming increasingly more evident that he would soon pass away. I didn’t this with my grandma. She wasn’t getting increasingly more sick, and she seemed to be doing fine. I know of similar stories. I have had friends of friends die recently. Healthy young adults die of heart attacks, teenagers end their lives after showing no signs,…

Live with no regrets. Tell people you love them. Who knows? It might be the last time you see them. Leave nothing unsaid. You might not have another chance to tell them what you need to say. This is the hardest part for me, because I tend to procrastinate the more difficult conversations. Don’t go to sleep angry, because they might not be there tomorrow to forgive. Life is short. It is here, and then it is gone. Don’t forget that. I made that mistake once, and I have to live with the decisions I made. I also have to move on; for me, moving on means learning and not repeating that same mistake.

Live with no regrets. Tell people that you love them. Leave nothing unsaid. Don’t go to sleep angry. Remember that life is short. One day, tomorrow won’t come, so live with no regrets.