i made it to another day

Last night was a rough night… If I was alone, I honestly don’t know if I would’ve made it through the night to another day. I am SO THANKFUL for the awesome friends I have for sitting with me through the hallucinations and through the pain. It is really hard for me to ask for help, and I apologized a lot for needing help… but I will be forever grateful for the community of friends with whom I have been living for the past several weeks. Crazy to think that I just met most of them 5.5 weeks ago and we are so close already!! Well, just wanted to thank all of you guys. And a super big shout out to God for being my strength through all of it.

And then I went to this farmer’s market this morning and there was a sign that said something like, “You made it to another day.” In my head, I was like, “YEAH I DID!”

But I made it through that battle. And after several hard days, I am finally ok. Not super amazing, and I still have a ton to process. But I made it. I fought and, with the help of friends and strength from God, I won. Sure, I have some battle scars… but it’s ok. I won. So now I keep going and keep fighting. And when the next major battle comes, I will fight with all my strength and with God’s grace win again. And hopefully come out with less battle scars.

Praise be to God for giving the victory!!!