do what you’re passionate about

This applies to everyone, because we all have stress in our lives. One of the best ways to manage stress is to do what you’re passionate about (provided that it is not in opposition to what God has called you to!!). If that is playing a sport or an instrument or working out or whatever it is, do it. Maybe not 24/7, because responsibilities are important, but take time to do what you love doing.

I am a swimmer, and I will always be a swimmer. If one truly loves swimming and swims on a team for several years, it is impossible to leave unchanged. The water, the adrenaline rush, the muscle pain, the long practices, the DQs, and the wins have changed me and made the person I have become. If I tried to stop swimming, I cannot ignore the fact that I have been changed, even in small ways. I still don’t like rain, but I am not nearly as annoyed by soaking wet clothing as I used to be. I am more confident after a long swim. Nothing can make me as confident as I am after swimming. Nothing. For me to keep my head above water in life, I have to keep it underwater in the pool every now and then.

So do what you’re passionate about. Do the thing that boosts your confidence back to a healthy level or helps you calm your thoughts or whatever it is. Do it. Go. Do the thing.

a really great post on suicide

Here is the link to a really great post I read today. You guys really should check it. It puts suicide into perspective by talking about what would happen after suicide to the family, friends, and acquaintances.

If you’re interested, click the link below or copy the URL if you would like to read it. (Read with your own discretion but there is no graphic content or any description of suicide itself.)

The Day After I Killed Myself