the thoughts in my head

In the picture, there are 8 superimposed images. Some of them you can see better than others. For some, you can see what is in the image. For others, you can only barely make out the shapes or colors. And, unless you have really great eyes, you probably cannot tell that there are 8 images.

This is sort of what the thoughts in my head are like all the time. There are so many thoughts and my brain wants to process all of them at once but it can’t because there are too many, so I have to pull out and focus on the one on which I want to focus. Right now, I am drowning out the other thoughts and focusing on writing this post. The thought I am trying focus on is a more clear (e.g. the playing cards), but I still have to pull that idea out from the others in head. As for all the other thoughts, I know the general concepts behind some of them, but I do not know how many there are or what any of them are.

Each of the images are good things, and usually the thoughts are too. In case you were curious, the images include: playing cards, Korean food, the castle at Disney World, a mountain, a flower, a stream, a Christmas tree, and a bridge. Knowing that, you can probably understand a little bit more of the photo provided.

This is constant for me. While I have this mostly mastered, it is still exhausting. I look like I’m totally ok sometimes while I am trying to focus on talking to someone or doing my homework or completing whatever other task is in front of me.

Just wanted to send out a reminder to never assume that someone is ok. You only know what they allow you to see. Don’t assume they’re hurting either, but please don’t dismiss that possibility.


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